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The Indian In The Cupboard – Lynne Reid Banks. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (8)

It is Omri’s birthday and he gets a cupboard from his brothers, a key for the cupboard from his mum and a little toy Indian from his best friend Patrick. Omri thought that the cupboard was an ordinary small cupboard that he could put on his bed-side table, he put the Indian in it over night. But one extraordinary thing happened! The Indian became real!! Adventure into the wonderful world of Omri and Patrick…

This is a great book by Lynne Reid Banks, very gripping and exciting, I’m really looking forward to reading The Return Of The Indian, The Secret Of The Indian, The Mystery Of The Cupboard and The Key To The Indian!

“At first Omri was unimpressed with the plastic toy that he is given for his birthday. But when he puts it in his old cupboard and turns the key, something extraordinary happens. For Little Bull, the Iroqouis Indian Brave, comes to life!”

Indian in the Cupboard

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  1. I love this book as well ! It is one of my favourites.I could lend you the second book in the series as well as the “Last Wild “.

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