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Peanut – David Lucas. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (8)

In a tree a flower grew, as the day went on the flower opened!! A little Monkey grew and suddenly, POP POP his eyes opened!! The Monkey thought he was a peanut, the Monkey thought of a name, Peanut!! As the afternoon came the flower began to wilt!! “The floor is made of air!!” said Peanut in distress!! Peanut is a little Monkey who thinks he is a peanut. He is new born and on his own in a scary tree with monsters, so he thinks!! He is in a new world!! Peanut is scared of basically everything!! But he meets his first friend!! Beetle!!

“In the night, on a tree, a flower grew. In the flower was a Monkey. A Monkey as big as a nut. PEANUT!”

I love this book, it is really funny and well, great!!! (For little kids)Peanut

Peanut 1

peanut 2

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  1. thanks for the review Mr MangoBubblesboy! Glad you liked the story. Even more glad that you thought it was funny!
    Look out for my new one called This Is My Rock out in March

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