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Wonder – R.J Palacio. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (8)

August Pullman has a ruined life, it seems at the start. August has a different face, so he gets bullied about how he looks. August has a sister called Olivia (Via) who is very kind and caring and tries to help him. Join August on his trip to secondary school!! Meet Summer!! Summer is August’s new best friend!!

I love this book, it is really touching and well written. This is an amazing read!! I would recommend it for eight or nine and over, who like sad stories, I know even some adults have read it and cried!!

I love this book, it is absolutely great!! It is amazingly written and just great!!!!!

I love it!!


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  1. I read this book too and I also think it is FABADOOZY !!!!!!! ( Also known as very good! Or great. Or amazing. Or brilliant.)

    • I know, R.J Palacio has a new book that came out on August 26th, it is not a story though it is a book of precepts, it is called “360 days of Wonder”. She has also an e-book coming out on May 13th 2015 it is called “The Julian Chapter”.

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