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Hoot and Holler – Alan Brown and Rimantas Rolia. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (8)

Every night two owls played, the big one was called Holler and the little one was called Hoot, they both loved to play, and loved each other. They would play swoop-and-snatch in the waterfall, they would play crouch-and-creep in the dripping cave, they would play glide-and-giggle in the overgrown cemetery. The only problem with their relationship was that Hoot was too small and Holler was too shy to say they love each other.

One night when Holler wasn’t looking a great gust of wind snatched up Hoot and carried him over the wall and out of sight!! When Holler turned round his friend was out of sight!! As the storm grew bigger it took up Holler, and carried him to the other end of the Great Wood!! The two owls flew around all night, but they couldn’t find each other!! Holler flew to wise owl’s old oak, Holler said “Can you help me find my friend?!” wise owl said “You must call for him, so he can hear!”

So he did just that! At first Hoot didn’t hear but on Holler’s third go Hoot heard him!!! On the last call Hoot replied “I love you too-hoo!”!!Hoot and Holler were so overjoyed to see each other, they played for the rest of the night!!!

(A picture book)

Hoot and Holler

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