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Journey to Jo’Burg – Beverley Naidoo. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (8)

Dineo the baby was very ill. His mother (Mma) is a servant of a white woman in Johannasburg, 300km away. Mmangwane (‘little mother’ (aunt) who looks after Dineo) and Nono ( the grandmother) couldn’t afford to go to the hospital. So Dineo’s brother and sister Tiro and Naledi have to go to Johannasburg to find Mma. Tiro is nine and Naledi is about eleven.

Tiro and Naledi walk half of the way and get a lift the rest. When they get to Jo’Burg a woman called Grace knows where Mma is, and takes them there. Will Dineo survive the illness? Or will it not go to plan?

This book really makes me think about what it would be like in apartheid, and in South Africa. The fact that this book is all made by an experience that happened to her, makes you think even more.

Journey to Jo'Burg

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  1. I started this book in school but then went to America and never got to read the end. what happens in the end. I shall read and find out!

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