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Compton Valance, The most powerful boy in the universe – Matt Brown. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (9)

Compton Valance is a young boy who has a best friend called Bryan Nylon.

Three weeks earlier Compton’s Mum makes him a Cheese and Pickled-egg sandwich . Compton and Bryan decided to leave it in Compton’s lunchbox.

Compton was at school yet again, BORING!! His teacher Mr Strickland was giving a lecture about something, ooh what was it , I can’t remember. Compton was transfixed by a man reading a newspaper outside, so Compton was staring, in a nice way out of the window. I know what you are thinking, a man reading a newspaper was not unusual, but what was, was that he was wearing a tight, silver, sparkly suit and a Bowler’s Hat THREE sizes too small!!!

Compton had left the sandwich in his lunchbox, which was in his school bag.

Mr Strickland asked a question, then he asked Compton what the answer to the question he just asked was.

Bryan was miming and mouthing the answer.

Then Mr Strickland fainted, because of the stench!!

At 12:14 PM in the Girls’ Cloakroom Compton and Bryan place a crumb of the disgusting sandwich in their mouth!!!

At that exact moment both of them disappear!!


I love this book, it is SO creative and clever, and CONFUSING!!

Thank You Matt Brown For Coming Into My School And Reading A Part Of Your Fantabulas Book To Us!!!


Compton Valance


Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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