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Lilliput – Sam Gayton. Reviewed by Banana Girl (9)

Lily is three inches high, and from the land of Lilliput, but has been kidnapped by the giant called Gulliver ( the Gulliver from Gulliver’s travels-a famous book written a long time ago in 1728 by Jonathan Swift) and taken to London. When plan no. 33 to escape from Gulliver fails, Lily has given up hope of ever escaping Gulliver’s grasp, when the next day, Gulliver is mysteriously drugged by his own sleeping medicine… It turns out it is Finn, the Clockmakers apprentice, here to help take Lily back to the land of Lilliput. How, they are not sure…

They came up up with some bizzare plans to get away- like climbing into a cuckoo clock and riding the swift inside it ( if you are wondering what a live swift is doing inside a cuckoo clock, then the answer is that the cruel clock maker put the swift in as an experiment , but then could not take it out to replace it with a cuckoo, so he left it there.) to escape from London and Gulliver.

I think this book very funny in some parts and it is exciting to see London in the view of some one so small! I really enjoyed it and I read it in a day-the same day I bought it!!


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  1. Great review Banana Girl, I just read it as I was reading my emails when I saw it, it is really good especially because I have read ‘Gulliver’s travels’!! Well done

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