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There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom – Louis Sacher. Reviewed by Beth (11)

Bradley Chalkers is the school Bully who is always on own. He likes to torment people. A new boy Jeff is made to sit next to Bradley.. Jeff and Bradley become friends but then they fall out after a fight at school. Jeff tries to pretend he punched Bradley so that he could be more popular or maybe to teach Bradley a lesson. Carla is the school counsellor and she is there to support Bradley. Sbe listens to him and helps him to change. Gradually Bradley’s world comes into colour from black and white. Friends like Carla give praise and believe in him. She doesn’t give him the answers but gives him the questions and helps him to find out who he is for himself.

This is a book about how we shouldn’t judge people. Even people who are crusty on the outside are probably softies underneath. We should give them a chance like Carla gives to Bradley. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

There's a boy in the girls' bathroom

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