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Awful Auntie – David Walliams. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (9)

Stella Saxby’s mum and dad, Lady Saxby and Lord Saxby, died in a car crash, so awful auntie Alberta is the only adult in the house, if you don’t count Gibbon the really ancient butler who has worked for the Saxbys for nearly all his life (yes, the whole century). Alberta is the meanest, evilest and diabolicalest Auntie you could ever have, she is so evil she has: killed millions of owls and stuffed them and put them in glass cabenits, nearly killed her niece by stretching her to death, nearly pushing her niece off the roof of Saxby Hall, poisoning Lord and Lady Saxby so Lord Saxby crashes the car and they both die and all Stella’s bones get broken, keeping Stella in a coma for a month, trapping Stella in the coal celler, choking her brother to death, keeping her owl Wagner captive, trying to force Stella to sign the deeds….

I really like this book, it is his newest one , it came out in the shops on the 25th of September, I pre – ordered it so it came on the 25th. I think it is a really good book, it fits in with Demon Dentist and Gangsta Granny the name, Awful Auntie. The only thing is that it doesn’t have Raj in, but not having Raj fits the storyline.

Do you want Raj back in David’s next book, if you do sign his potation at…!!

Awful Auntie



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