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The Executioner’s Daughter – Jane Hardstaff. Reviewed (drawn) by Banana Girl (9)

It’s The Big Draw this month – and here we have our first ever DRAWN book review. This is the fabulous Banana Girl’s TENTH review!


Moss and her friend Salter in the Tower of London

Banana Girl decided to draw a review of this book, which she liked because it’s set in Tudor times (which she’s doing at school), and the story is a mix of fact and fantasy. The job of the Executioner’s Daughter (called Moss) is to collect the heads of the executed bodies in a basket!

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The executioner's daughter

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  1. Love the effect of the coloured details in this mostly black and white drawing – that head in the basket gives me the shivers! Well done, BG 😉

  2. Banana Girl, that is an awesome drawing of Moss and Salter! LOVE Salter’s green fish and the knowing expression on Moss’ face. You have totally set the standard for drawn reviews. Best wishes, Jane (Hardstaff)

    • Thanks for the nice comment, really enjoyed the book – quite atmospheric and a happy ending, sounds simple, but everyone likes happy endings! I also thought that the fact that Moss lived, yet the Riverwitch got what she had yearned for is very subtle…

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