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Silverfin – Charlie Higson. Reviewed (words and picture) by Banana Girl (9)

Orphan James Bond has started at his new school Eton, and has already made friends, Pritpal a chubby boy from India, and sadly, enemies too. George Hellibore, a young good looking American is brutal and unkind. But although he never shows his temper often, George’s Father, ( a larger version of George with a moustache ) Randolf Hellibore, is as crazy as his son. Maybe a little too crazy… In the school holidays, James goes to his aunt Charmian, to stay with during the holidays, and meets Red Kelly, a petty thief. He and Red soon find out that the Hellibores are staying nearby, and James wants to know a bit more about the Hellibores – but James’s curiosity leads him to the Hellibore’s house where Randolf Hellibore captures him…..

An action packed murderous adventure with parts that are so enthralling that it makes you want to jump up and tap dance across the room in agitation!

A quick note, some bits are a little bit gruesome- just saying for younger kids! Banana SilverfinSilverfin

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