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Cloud Riders – Nick Cook. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (9)

Dom and his Mum, Sue, live in Tornado Ally. His Dad died when he was attempting to film inside a twister/tornado. Dom’s Dad had been a Sky Hawk. The Sky Hawks are a group of people who are trying to find out more about tornadoes/twisters. Dom’s Dad had also taught him to fly in a plane. So Dom despised flying, because it reminded him of his Dad. He did keep his Dad’s old plane, though. There had not been a twister/tornado for ages, because of the mega drought that had hit Tornado Ally a while back.

Suddenly with no warning, the sky started to boil up, like a storm was going to hit! Sure enough a storm did hit, fully equip with the first twister/tornado in over a year!! This was mysterious, because a oval shaped glow came from the twister/tornado. Then a air ship started to emerge from it!!!

Thank you to Nick Cook for sending us the eBook, and supporting us all the way!! I really Enjoyed reading it !! Thanks


This is our 50th review, so it is special that it is this book, because this was the book that was sent to us, Nick Cook has been really nice for sending us the eBook and IT IS A REALLY GREAT BOOK, READ IT!!!!CloudRiders

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