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The Parent Agency – David Baddiel. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (9)

Barry Bennett was really annoyed that he was called Barry, he would like to be called something cool, like his friends had cool names, like Jake, Lukas and Taj.

One day his Dad gets him a spoof copy of Cassino Royal, Barry got so angry, that he threw the disc at his Mum, then runs upstairs to his room, he lies on his bed and said to himself “I wish I had better parents”. Then a truck went by and lit up his two posters on his wall, then something weird happened, they spoke to him, Messi and Bond!! Then they say to him to say I wish I had better parents again, so he did. Then something even weirder happened, his room started  to disappear!

He re-appeared in a different world!! He saw a big building called – The Parent Agency…

The building where you can pick your own parents!!

I love this book, it is really funny, and it also has a message – be grateful for the parents you have, because they’re the best you’re gonna get, and even if you think you hate them, you actually love them, AND even if they don’t get stuff right, every body makes mistakes!


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