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Die Torte ist weg! (Where is the Cake?) – The Tjong-Khing. Reviewed by Banana Girl (9)

Where is the cake? is a picture book – for all ages though I was given it when I was very little. It is about ‘Mr and Mrs Dog’ leaving a cake on the table, which is then stolen by some rats ( you could call them mice ) who then run away, chased by the angry Mr and Mrs Dog. It’s not just about the Dogs though, it includes all the creatures of the forest, From Mr and Mrs Chameleon’s search for new things for Mrs Chameleon’s hat, to Mrs Rabbit, and her daughter’s lost toy.

It has all the smallest details, like the frog henchman’s tall Hat just peeping out of the bushes, and the edge of Mr chameleon’s tail. It all ends in a big chase, the naughty monkeys are going the same way as the rats. There are many stories in just one book, e.g. The young rabbit losing her toy, then of course the cake being stolen, the cat getting her nose hit and her handbag stolen, hat and a couple of other things that were taken by the monkeys, the weasel ‘s wine or ketchup or some red liquid, leaking in small patches everywhere, and there are more and more!

This book is great fun, bright, colourful, and extremely detailed, and when I say extremely, I mean extremely,and when I say super Extremely, I mean – you get the picture. It is called Die Torte Ist Weg because it was given to me by my German cousins, Nina and Clara. It means where is the cake, seen as the chaos was caused by a cake gone missing.

Can you find the young rabbit’s toy ? It is in most of the pictures, but she can’t find it.



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