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The Great Brain Robbery – Anna Kemp. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (9)

Frankie Blewitt’s Birthday  is coming up, and he wants a Mechanimal – Gadget the Rabbit. Timmy Snodgrass was making his life a misery. When he was walking home, he went passed ‘Marvella Brand’s Happyland’ the new toy shop. he marvelled at its glory.

Once it was his Birthday, he darted down stairs, to find the lounge ram packed with presents! No he didn’t! There was nothing, but Alphonsine and Eddie at the table with pancakes. Frankie told them all about Marvella Brand’s Happyland. And Alphonsine grimaced at the name. “Marvella has had a misted passed, no body knows exactly what happened in her passed, but Eddie will tell you all we know.” So Eddie told him the story of Marvella Brand.

Then, Frankie heard a Mechanical sound, and in bounced a Gadget the Rabbit Mechanimal!! That night, Frankie woke, and heard the sound of Gadget bouncing down the stairs, and out into the garden. Frankie followed…

What is Gadget doing? What will Frankie discover? Will his ‘Crack-Pot Team’ save the world? Find out in The Great Brain Robbery by Anna Kemp!!

I love this book because the end is soooooooooo gripping, I kept shouting “COME ON FRANKIE!! YOU CAN GET THE OLD BAT!!” and “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, FRANKIE?!”

great brain robbery

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