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The Clockwork Scarab – Colleen Gleason. Reviewed by Banana Girl (9)

Miss Mina Holmes, the niece of Sherlock Holmes has a letter instructing her to go to the History museum . It may just be a letter, But Miss Holmes sees more than that, for her it said that the writer was female, a person of high interllect, excellent taste, and measurable wealth.

There she meets Miss Evaline Stoker, The sister of Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, has been given the Same instructions. They enter the museum, to find that they have been sent for by Irene Adler on an urgent request for help by Princess Alexandra. There have suddenly been a large amount of murders and disappearances all of young woman between the age of 16 and 18, and what is even more mysterious is the fact that near the place where the young women where murdered or last seen, the is a small clockwork scarab.. And they need the help of Mina and Evaline.

with some help from Pix, a muscular pickpocket and thief, they soon find out that the whole thing is linked to the society Sekhmet which is led by the mysterious Ankh, a harsh and bloodthirsty murderer who sacrifices girls for the Goddess Sekhmet in a sadistic way, ignoring the girls cries for mercy.

A book full of pandemonium and very homicidal – but that is just what makes it so superb!

My Favourite part was when the Ankh did the ritual-ok it was a bit upsetting when someone dies, but it is so tense and eerie, despite the situation.

By the way, in case you are wondering why I am using such idiosyncratic words, it is because Mina Holmes an amazingly comprehensive vocabulary – and also to annoy you by making you look up lots of words in a dictionary (Mwa ha ha ha , I am sooooo evil!)


clockwork scarab

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