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The Last Wild – Piers Torday. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (9)

Kester Jaynes can’t talk, but he can talk to animals! And has been so ever since his mother died. Then without warning, one night, he was taken away from his dad, he is now imprisoned in Spectrum Hall. A school, run by Factorium. When a virus called ‘red-eye’ hit Human civilisation everyone was forced out of the countryside, and to live in cities, as a result there is no food. So when Factorium took over, everyone ate ‘Formula’, a chemical mixture, to substitute natural foods.

One day Kester was sitting on his bed, looking out of the window, when the fat warden (of his hall) unlocked his door. Lunch. When they reached the yard Kester got in the queue, and waited. Once he had his  ‘Formula’, he went to sit down by the drain, where they dumped all the empty ‘Formula’ cans. Then a little face poked out of the cans. It was a cockroach. Kester wasn’t scared, he gave it some of his ‘Formula’. Then a warden strolled over, and saw that he was holding the cockroach, then the warden picked Kester up, and took him to the headmaster, he said that Kester was to stay in his room for seven days, quarantine.

A few days later, Kester was sitting in a corner, when a gust of wind, whistled through the wall. Kester went to see the hole in the wall, some pigeons were fluttering beside the hole they said, that they needed help. The next day, he woke up to a hoard of cockroaches on his bed. They said that they would get him out.

And they did…

This year this will be my No.1!! It is the best book ever written!! (apart from ‘You’re a Bad Man Mr Gum’!) I loved it so much!! I thank my best friend at school for getting it for me, it is amazingly well written, and has a mix, of emotion and excitement, and suspense!!

See Banana Girl’s review of The Last Wild.

(Buy the book)

Last Wild cover

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