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Boy in The Tower – Polly Ho-Yen. Reviewed By Mango Bubbles Boy (9)

Once the rain started it all changed…

Ade (Ad-ee) came home, to see on the news that one of the towers had fallen down, a few hours later two bodies were found, dead. Then more towers fell down, and plants started to grow, menacing plants, more people died, scientists said that the people were dying because of spores that the plants were releasing, the spores got stuck in people’s throats and killed them instantly. The plants were called Bluchers (Bloochers). But how were the Bluchers to be stopped?

Soon Ade’s tower was the last tower left. He met, Obi (the caretaker), Dori (an old lady from downstairs), Ben (from Ade’s best friend’s (Gaia) tower). Together can they survive the Bluchers?

I love this book, because it is really well written. I LOVE IT!!!

boy in the tower

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