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The Dark Wild – Piers Torday. Reviewed By Mango Bubbles Boy (9)

Kester thought his journey ended in ‘The Last Wild’ but how wrong can he be…

A helicopter is landing in Kester Jaynes’s garden. A man is getting out, Selwyn Stone and a load of cullers. Selwyn Stone said that if he did not give Kester’s wild to him, he would return… He also gave Polly an Iris. An Iris flower.

A few days later Their house was broken into by a gang of kids, looking for the Iris. That is when Polly disappeared. Kester ran after the gang.

They went to a waste mountain. Here Kester met Aida and Littleman and Dagger, the mysterious dog that pops up all over the place. Kester and Aida try to stop a formula train, but some squirrels stop it instead. Then Dagger runs off. Kester follows him!! This is where the adventure begins…

This and The Last Wild are the best books I have read this year!! They are working their way up my favourite books ever chart!! they will definitely be near the top of my top 15 this year if not at the top!!!!!!

Read reviews of ‘The Last Wild’ (the book that comes before The Dark Wild) by Mango Bubbles Boy and by Banana Girl.

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