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Diary of a Lottery Winner’s Daughter – Penelope Bush. Reviewed by dancingholl22 (11)

‘You’ve changed a lot Charlotte Johnson and if that’s what having money does to people, then I’m glad we haven’t got any’

The diary of a lottery winners daughter is a book about a friendship that falls apart because of a lottery ticket and a new girl. It is also about the building of a new friendship.

The book starts out as a diary of a young girl (Charlotte) who’s Mum wins the lottery .Whilst on the way back from a wet holiday in Weston Super-Mare her family stop of at Tesco’s and when her mum goes in and asks for lasts weeks numbers is she given a surprise…

After this things begin to move quickly and the book (whilst still in diary format)explains charlottes feelings as she moves house away from her best friend. Coming to school the next day and finding out that the new girl Stacy lives in her old house and is now BFFs with Lauren. Obviously she feels left out but then this becomes a whole friendship break down.

However on the bus on the way home from school Charlotte notices a girl called Annabelle. She has never noticed her before but now a friendship springs between them.

Dealing with a massive lottery win is hard for Charlotte and her family,especially for older sister Chelsea who decides to stop going to school. She starts spending all her time at the health spa and spending a lot  of money from her Mums credit card. Obviously her parents find out and are very angry. So Chelsea ,being melodramatic, runs away to the campsite they stayed on in Weston super-mare.

When Charlotte finds this out she rushes down with there neighbour to find Chelsea… What happens next, well you will have to read the book to find out. lottery winner

Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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