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The Diamond Brothers in… The Falcon’s Malteser – Anthony Horowitz. Reviewed by Banana Girl (9)

Herbert Timothy Simple, is a private detective – but not a very good one, such as the case of the divorced couple, They were happily married until they met Herbert (or Tim Diamond as he likes to be known as.) He and his thirteen year old brother Nicholas (Nick ‘Diamond’) are rather short of money, with the grand total of…. £2.37. They think it will be another boring Christmas holiday when Johnny Naples comes along. He is very short, in fact, Nick is at least six inches taller than him. Johnny was wearing a mix and matched suit, a gold flashy ring and slick black hair to complete his appearance. He gives them a package and pays them £200, and says they must keep the package safe at all costs.

A few days later, after Johnny Naples’ visit their flat is ransacked and turned inside out, some one looking for the package, but luckily Nick had kept it in his pocket, they decide to talk to Johnny, but when they find, him, he has just been shot dead. His last words to them are : “The Falcon, The sun” His package does not turn out to help at all, because when Nick opens it, it turns out to be a packet of perfectly edible Maltesers, yet people seem to be willing to kill for these Maltesers, but why this packet? Is it special in some way? And who or what is the Falcon?

This book is rather funny, along with lots of dry humour, but at the same time it is very serious. My favourite parts are when something shocking happens, and Nick says something that could be official understatement of the year. Such as when he watches Johnny leave their flat, and thinks to himself ‘He may have been a small guy, but he seemed to be expecting big trouble’.

Falcon drawing


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