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The Astounding Broccoli Boy – Frank Cottrell Boyce. Reviewed by Banana Girl (9)

Rory Rooney is the the smallest person in his class, and is easy prey for big bullies, like Tommy-Lee Komissky, so when they both end up sharing a room in hospital for inexplicably turning green, thing don’t always go smoothly.

Rory comes to the conclusion that they must be super heroes, like The Hulk, or The Swamp Thing, which are all humans that took on a transformation turning them into green super heroes, which is a massive coincidence, looking aside the fact that they are not real. However,Tommy-Lee’s habit of sleepwalking out of the hospital leads them to a lot of trouble, and Tommy-Lee’s ideas of doing good aren’t always the same ideas as of the public, law or police, such as steeling a bin truck, and unleashing the animals in the zoo. A hippo escapes and runs straight into a wooden hut and smashes a freezer full of ice-creams, before head-butting a machine full of Fanta cans which it decides it likes!

I really enjoyed this book because it is very silly and funny, and it has the perfect comedy gang, the brains, but not the muscle, the muscle but not the brains, and a later member in the gang (Koko Kwok) who has over confidence, and decides to see the prime minister, the queen, and the police wanting to ambush them with leaflets and cards about their super hero agency!

My favourite character is Peter penguin, a penguin Tommy-Lee brought along after their visit to the zoo. He is my favourite character because he is very inquisitive, and is a classic penguin trouble maker! I would definitely recommend this book!

brocolli drawing 2



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