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The Dreamsnatcher – Abi Elphinstone. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (9)

Moll was having that nightmare again. The one that takes her sleep walking, nearer and nearer to Skull’s camp. Tonight it took her right up to the boundary. When she woke, she found herself by the river that marked the boundary. So she decided to cross the boundary and enter Skull’s camp. She remembered that Skull had stolen Jinx, Moll’s trusty cob (horse). So Moll very quietly scooted to their cobs, Jinx was tethered in with them, Moll hid behind a tree, because a boy was walking up to feed the cobs. Moll got out her catapult, she aimed and fired at the boy’s head, it didn’t knock him out, but it gave Moll time to unlock the stable door, and take Jinx back, just as she was riding away, she heard hooves behind her, the boy was on her tail.

Later in the book Alfie (the boy) and Moll become friends, Alfie joins Oak’s camp, and they all live happily ever after, or do they? There is a massive battle, some finding, some crying, but A LOT of courage.

I absolutely love this, it definitely has a chance of winning Mango Bubbles Books’s book of the year award!! At the end all I wanted to do was read the next one!! Thank you soooo much Abi Elphinstone, for writing one of the best books ever!!

the drean snatcher

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