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Spies in Disguise: Boy in Heels – Kate Scott. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (9)

Sam and Joe are in the bra department of a department store. They are on a training mission to pick up a secret message without getting caught by the enemy spy (aka Joe’s dad). Joe bumps into a shop advisor, she wants to know if Josie (Joe) needs any help picking a bra. But with his radical quick thinking he says that he going to meet his mum.

HQ has asked if Joe could go under cover as his mum. Joe reluctantly says yes. so straight after dinner Joe starts his High Heels training. Once he masters that, he needs to practice being mum, so talking like she does. So once he masters that, he is ready to go to the supermarket with his dad. That doesn’t go that well.

How does the last part of Josie’s assignment go, how does Josie’s mum’s assignment go, well sorry, you’ll have to buy it and read it!!

I love the last Spies in Disguise book, the other two were absolutely awesome, as was this one!!! Good job Kate Scott!!!

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boy in heels

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