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Danger is Everywhere – David O’Doherty and Chris Judge. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (9)

‘WARNING!- Never read while crossing roads/flying helicopters/wrestling with lions.

BEWARE!- This book has sharp corners.

CAUTION!- Do not drop this book from open window (unless Werewolf/Vampire is below).’

Doctor Noel Zone is going to show YOU how to stay away from danger, and the dangers of danger. After three sets of instructions, you are ready to go.

Doctor Noel Zone isn’t actually a doctor, definitely not Doctor Who! But he is a Dangerologist. A Dangerologist is an expert in everything danger and how to prevent it (Doctor Noel is a level 5 Dangerologist).

This book explains everything you need to know about being a Dangerologist. At the end you set a test to become a Dangerologist yourself!! (But only level 1).

I absolutely loved it!! It was a great read. I loved the idea of you becoming a Dangerologist yourself, it is so cool. You even get a certificate!!

(Remember the TEPOC(The Emergency Page of Calm))

danger is everywhere

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