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Wilf The Mighty Worrier Saves The World – Georgia Pritchett. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (9)

When Wilf has a new nextdoor neighbour, everything goes wrong.

Wilf worries. He his the biggest worrier in the worrying history of worriers.

Spot is Wilf’s very stickey little sister.

Alan is the bad guy.

And other people, you’ll find out about in the book.

So. Wilf has a new nextdoor neighbour, yup, we established that. Now, Wilf’s new nextdoor neighbour is called Alan. Yes, you did read ‘Alan is the bad guy.’. And he is, but I won’t spend this whole review saying ‘Alan is the bad guy.’, ‘Alan is the bad guy.’, ‘Alan is the bad guy.’, because that would be boring. And I don’t want to bore you to death, cause that would be stupid! (Am I boring you to death?). Right, lets get on with it, shall we.

Wilf was talking to A… YES, I HAVE READ THE BOOK, READER …lan, and Alan said that he was going to blow up London, with a big gun thingy. But what do you think happened? TOUGH, I AM NOT GONNA TELL YOU, I WOULD BE STUPID TO TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED!! Everybody died, The End (joke!).

I love this book as it is just a great book to read, it is quite an easy read, but it is definitely, positutly, AWESOME!!


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