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Ottoline and the Yellow Cat – Chris Riddell. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (9)

Ottoline and Mr Munroe, are back for another adventure!

When Ottoline finds a load of dog theft articles in the paper, she also saw an ad from ‘The Lapdog Agency’. So she and Mr Munroe set off to find out.

Ottoline lived in apartment 243 of The Pepperpot Building. She lived with Mr Munroe, as her parents were always away, travelling. Before Ottoline’s parents had left, they had hired lots of companies to look after Ottoline. Such as- cleaners, light bulb changers, cooks, bathroom suppliers, cloths folding, pillow plumping, bed makers and door handle shiners It was all a very jolly place!! While all this was going on, Mr Munroe was trying to get Ottoline’s attention, but she had been busy concentrating on all the jobs. Mr Munroe had climbed the fire escape, to the roof of The Pepperpot Building. Then Mr Munroe pretended to be a norwegen Lapdog, so at ‘The Lapdog Agency’ they took him in…

I love this book, it is great!! It is an easy read (for me) but, but I think the length suits the story!!

ottoline yellow cat

ottoline chapter 1

ottoline pic

Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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