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Wolf Brother – Michelle Paver. Reviewed by Banana Girl (10)

Back into the ancient mists of time, lived Torak and his father.They live as outcasts from wolf clan. Torak never knew his clan, or his mother, or anything about her, apart from that she came from Otter clan.

One day, a ferocious bear storms into their camp, and kills his father. The last thing his father muttered with his dying breaths were ” Reach the mountains of the spirits, you must kill that bear,” and ” you must kill it before the red eye rises, or then the bear will be invincible.”

So Torak sets off on his journey, and finds out a secret ; that he can talk to wolves. He meets a Wolf cub, who can sometimes be wise and loyal – and other times right pain in the neck when he messes around. During his travels, he is captured by Raven clan. He is soon freed in secret by headstrong raven clan girl, Renn. They travel through open plains, and through thick forests – will they ever reach their goal?There is a build up climax right to the end…

The description is so thick and wonderful, the action almost appears to leap of the page, and it is beautiful, in a book/ description type way. Here is an example: ‘ Birch trees whispered of his passing.’ I would definitely recommend this book.

Thank you to Mango Bubbles Boy for giving this to me for my Birthday.

Wolf Brother


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