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Gary’s Garden Book 1 – Gary Northfield. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (10)

Gary’s Garden is a collection of short comics written and drawn by Gary Northfield. The first one is called “Chompy”. Chompy is trying to stand on the end of a leaf. He is hanging from his mouth, he swings, and swings, and gets up, onto the end of the leaf!! He shouts for his brother, his brother is a butterfly and he flies over, Chompy tells him that he is a DAREDEVIL!! Brother flies off and tells Chompy not to fall off and die. Then Chompy is bored, so he decides to count his feet. ‘One – Two – Five – Three – Six – Five…’, in the process, he falls. He sees a worm and says that he is Caterpillar. The worm says ME TOO!! Chompy says that worm is a worm not a caterpillar. So Chompy challenges worm, but when they do the second part (Jump off a twig) worm gets caught by a bird!! So Chompy finds the nest but…

What do you think happened next?!

I love all the cartoons in this book, because they are sooooooooo funny and about random stuff!! They are all set in Gary’s Garden. These cartoons are from The Pheonix comic, but now a collection has been collected and put into a book! THEY ARE GREAT, A MUST READ!! (He also signed it for me!!)

Gary's Garden


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