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The Clockwork Sparrow – Katherine Woodfine. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (10)

Times are hard for Sophie Taylor, after Papa died.

She was on her way to her new work, at Sinclair’s department store, in Piccadilly Circus. Sophie worked in the Millinery department (hats(fancy ones)). Sophie had been assigned the job of taking a stack of hat boxes to the Mannequin’s dressing room. She went in to find one of ‘The Captin’s Girls’, as the mannequins were called, half in and half out of an evening dress. So Sophie helped her in, then the girl told Sophie that she was called Lil. Then the porter Sophie had met in the cloakroom, he had messed up his jacket, so he asked Sophie if she could wash it, so she said yes. But at the end of the day she had forgotten it, so she had to go back to get it. But she got intrigued by the treasure room that had the Clockwork Sparrow (that was gold and jewel encrusted), so she went in, but she got caught by her boss. The next day the sparrow had been stolen, and she was the prime suspect. That’s when things got really bad…

I love this book, because when you read it you’re always on the edge of your seat!! And it is just soooooo dramatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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