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The Jade Boy – Cate Cain. Reviewed by Banana Girl (10)

The Fire of London was said to be an accident, started by some burning pies, but maybe it wasn’t an accident…

Jem ( Jeremy ) Green is considered to be a lowly kitchen servant of the duke and duchess of Barlington . His mother is the Duchesse’s wardrobe mistress and his father was a soldier who was killed – or so his mother says. Life is being hard and annoying, until one day the duke calls for him, and shows him Count Cazalon, a wicked merchant who travels the world, looking for things to add to his odd collection full of exotic and unnatural creatures.

He meets Cazalon’s mute servant, Ptolemy ( or Tolly ) and his pet monkey Cleo. Tolly is not actually mute, however, he never speaks in front of Cazalon, and so Cazalon regards him as an animal. Cazalon’s other servant, an apprentice of witchcraft, good witchcraft though, Ann, is also ready to help, because as she said to Jen ” Cazalon is a monster …”

Can Jem, Ann, Tolly and Cleo, find out what Cazalons wicked plans are before it is too late? Or will Cazalon weave them into his power forever? I find Cazalon a cold, merciless man, with no heart. My favourite character is Cleo because she is very sweet, loyal and brave.
I like this book because it shows what things would have been like as a servant in the year 1666, and it is explained in great detail, with overwhelming amounts of adventure, action and description.

jade boy


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