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Ottoline goes to School – Chris Riddell. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (10)

Ottoline was with Mr Munroe in the Ornamental Gardens, and they were visiting the turtles in the Turtle Pool, when they spotted another girl with her pet Patagonian pony, the girl was called Cecily Forbes- Lawrence III and the pony was called Mumbles. Ottoline fed the turtles (there was a “You may feed the turtles” policy). Cecily told Ottoline a story about a boy that had feet so big that he could use then as sunshades!! Now, when Ottoline invited Cecily over for tea, Cecily told Ottoline about her school. But Ottoline didn’t go to school, so she sent a letter to her mum and dad, so they sent her a package with all the things she would need!!

It is Ottoline’s first day at school, and she is very excited!! But what adventure will they get up to??????!!!!!! Find out in Ottoline goes to School!!

I love this book because it has amazing illustrations!!!! And it is an easy but entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ottoline school


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