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Grandpa’s Great Escape – David Walliams. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (10)

Jack’s Grandpa is losing his memory. He was once a great World War II soldier; now he believes that he is the young Wing Commander Bunting, flying his Spitfire over the English Channel.

One night Grandpa goes missing. He has gone missing before, but this time the Buntings’ just can’t find him!! Once the worried family found the old man, it was very late into the night, so Grandpa stayed the night in Jack’s room, snoring. In the morning, Jack took his Grandpa to school, to talk about his experiences in WWII. That night Grandpa went missing again! Jack didn’t tell his parents, he carried out the investigation himself. Days went by, but Grandpa was nowhere to be seen! Jack and his class went on a day trip to the Imperial War Museum, this reminded Jack of his Grandpa.

Jack heard snoring in a Spitfire; so he ran up onto the raised platform, and jumped onto one of the wings of a Sopwith Camel, then the Focke-Wulf…


This is our 150th review!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all the reviewers!!!!!!!!

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