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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl. Reviewed by Big Foot (9)

This book is about a boy who goes to the chocolate factory and that boy is Charlie. He thinks he is so unlucky but in the future he gets really lucky and he gets a heat wave of amazing fun and surprises. Now it is his birthday and his mum and dad gives him a willy wonka bar but he gets his hopes up to high and he doesn’t get it he tries again but doesn’t get it. The next morning he was coming back and he found a 5 pound note he runs to the shop and buy a willy wonka bar and he opens it and HE GETS A GOLDEN TICKET!!!

Now Charlie gets to choose one person and he picks grampa Joe then he does a little dance he get his cloths ready for the next day. So the next day grampa Joe and Charlie so they go to the gates and they go in and willy wonkais right there so they go in and goes in and willy wonka said help your self to any candy.

I really like this book good because it makes me laugh and i recomend this to eveyonein the world becouse it makes you laugh and i think you would love this book.


Charlie s

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