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White Dolphin – Gill Lewis. Reviewed by Firefly (9)

This book is called ‘White Dolphin’ by Gill Lewis. It is a heart-warming, thrilling story,though some parts were really sad. It’s about a fair girl called Kara, who’s mother went missing. Kara lives with her Dad,Uncle Tom, Aunt Bev and cousin, Daisy.

But when she meets a boy called Felix, everything changes. All-though she doesn’t realise it, her life is going to get alot more exciting.

Kara is an ordinary girl, but when she meets a white dolphin, she hopes it is a sign from her mother. On her journy to find her mother she meets alot friends and foes. Her worst enemy, Jake Evans, plans to destroy the bay with his dad.When she meets Felix,they don’t like each other much either. But along the way, they become alot freindlier. Will Felix and Kara make there voices heard????

A great read for children over 7, everyone that reads this book will be inspired for life!!! WEll DONE TO GILL LEWIS!!!!!!!!!

white dolphin

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  1. You make the book sound great firefly! I can tell it inspired you, and think other people will want to read it now!!

  2. Your review is very well written and makes the book sound like it was an exciting read! Well done!

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