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The Secret of the Blue Glass – Tomiko Inui. Reviewed by Banana Girl (10)

The Moriyama Family have looked after the little People for decades. The little people are Balbo and Fern, and their children Robin and Iris, and are about two inches tall, and eat only milk, which must be served in a blue glass goblet. But everything changes when the Second World War comes along, and they struggle to survive.

The Secret of the Blue Glass is unusually a Japanese book written in 1959 translated into English (so it is set in Japan), and even more unusual, it is set in the Second World War, when Japan was against England. It is interesting to see the war from another point of view.

I really liked this book because it was fascinating to see what it was like to live in the war, and in another country. It is very heart-felt, and the end bit made me feel a little teensy weensy bit emotional.

Blue Glass

Secret of the Blue Glass

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  1. The butterfly club by Jaquiline Wilson is soooooo good it is about triplets called Tina, Phil and Maddie, they have all moved into a new class with a mean teacher called Miss Lovejoy, Tina has a weak heart and Miss Lovejoy does not help. This is an excellent book for girls but not so much boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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