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The House of Eyes – Patricia Elliot. Reviewed by Banana Girl (10)

A lot of the houses where I live are from the Victorian times, just before the time Connie Carew would have lived in this story, so our house is probably similar to the house where this story takes place.

When Connie’s parents died, Connie went to live with her Aunts and her sort of ‘step uncle.’ One of the Aunts had a little girl named Ida who went missing when she was two, then the Aunt’s husband died, and the Aunt whose husband died, named Dorothea married Mr Thurston. The other Aunt? Her name was Aunt Sylvie and was a bit… dotty…

One day, someone who appears to be the lost Ida, came for a job as an under-maid, turns up, and wore a necklace Ida had as a baby before she went missing, and everyone is happy because they are sure she is the long lost Ida. Well almost everyone. Connie suspects something fishy (salmon is my personal favorite) is going on…

Can Connie find the truth among all of the lies? And can she find it before it is too late? Sorry, you will have to read the book to find out I’m afraid. That’s just how it goes.

Also, this book was set in the 1900s, and it is quite interesting to see how women were treated in those days, and there are one or two run ins with some suffragettes, and it is quite funny when someone gives Connie a ride in her motor car, and everyone is gaping at it, because cars were the latest technology then.

I would recommend this book to children around my age, (10ish) but that is just my estimation, someone who is 8 may want to read it as well. It is un-put-down-able! I became really absorbed in it, because I did not know what on earth was going to happen next!

House-of-EyesHouse eyes

Let us know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations?

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