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Magic Ink – Steve Cole. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (10)

Stew Penders and his family have just moved into his grampa’s old house. Things seem odd. In the middle of the night a talking pig wanders into Stew’s sister, Liberty’s room, could anything get weirder?


Stew and the pig become acquainted, and Posho (the pig) shows Stew how to communicate with Merlin. Yes the Real-Life-Merlin. Merlin calls for help, and only Posho pig – Power Pig – and Stew Penders – Stupendous man – can save the day!

This is a weird but wonderful book, full of unexpected “Take the 100th exit on the roundabout of Magic ink, bear left.”s, in other words, there are lots of other possibilities for the outcome of this story, so it great. Use your imagination to conjure up a different ending!

NOTE: THIS IS MANGO BUBBLES BOOKS’S 200TH REVIEW!!!!!!!! Thank you to all our reviewers for hoisting us up to this wonderful landmark!

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magic ink

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