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A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness. Reviewed by Banana Girl (11)

Sometimes there is no good person in a story. Sometimes there is no bad person in a story. Sometimes people seem good, but are really at fault for the problem in the plot. This is what Conor finds out when the monster comes. The monster, who Conor unknowingly called, comes  to tell Conor three stories about people who have called the monster before. Then he tells Conor he must tell him a fourth story – the truth. Conor thinks the monster has come to save his mum, who is dangerously ill, but he assumes wrong…

This tale is a mixture of fantasy and reality. The monster would not exist in real life, but the actual circumstances have probably happened before – unless the monster was just a dream in Conor’s mind after all…

When I read the book, I thought about things that happened and are happening. No one is perfect. No one can be pure evil. There must be an explanation for everything, no matter how wild or crazy it may appear. This is a thought provoking book – but also just a good thing to read. It is a bit spooky, but not enough so that it is very scary.

The monster turned up in Conor’s back garden, taking the form of a yew tree that stood there.

I am now staring at our pear trees, in hope that they will come and help me with my homework…

Monster Calls drawing

Monster Calls pic

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