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The 5th Wave – Rick Yancey. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (11)

Cassie Sullivan sometimes thinks that she’s the last Human on Earth. But she knows that that’s not true, because the Others haven’t killed everybody… yet.

Cassie watched the soldiers take Sammy away, in their yellow school bus. Sammy’s forehead was pressed against the back window, waving, smiling. They said they’d come back for Cassie and her dad; they never did.

Cassie’s mum had died on a Tuesday, from the plague. The plague was when a victim coughs up this weird black stuff, and cries blood. That kinda gory stuff. That was the 3rd wave. The 4th wave was an invasion. Cassie’s dad died in the 4th wave. The 5th wave the total destruction of the Human race.

Cassie meets mysterious Evan Walker. She also makes it to the camp, where Sammy is being held. There she meets ‘Zombie’ and his crew.

This is a very interesting book. The view-points change between parts. This is only the first book of an amazing trilogy!

(This book is recommended for 13/14+, it is sweary/violencey/other stuff-y.)

5th wave

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