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The Tiffin – Mahtab Narsimhan. Reviewed by Banana Girl

A tiffin tin is a metal box which has several drawers which contain food. They are used in Bombay which is in India, to deliver lunches to people all over the place, usually to people who work in offices.

Kunal is an orphan, who lives in a restaurant in Bombay. He is not looked after properly, and is abused by the restaurant manager, Sethji, who makes him work as waiter there. All his life, Kunal has wanted to be a dabbawalla ( a person who delivers tiffin tins) and leave the restaurant. One day things get really bad, and Kunal runs away to an old man who Kunal saw every morning  and who delivers tiffin tins. Kunal learns that he is not an orphan – and sets out to find his mother. However his journey shall not be easy…

(Dramatic music plays in background!)

I really liked this book, as it made me think about other places in the world that are very different to the one I know. It made me feel sad and happy sometimes, and I could really sympathize with Kunal. In some situations I thought, “that is what I would do”, especially in one scene when Sethji has been really mean to Kunal, then sends him to deliver some posh food, and Kunal gives it to a stray dog. One thing I would of added (and this will make more sense if you read the book, because I am trying not to give away too many spoiler alerts) is that I would want to know what happened to Kunal’s parents after the mother gave Kunal away.



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