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Grandpa’s Great Escape – David Walliams. Reviewed by Sarkar (13)

Grandpa’s Great Escape is about a little boy named Jack. Jack loves Spitfires and has a collection of aeroplanes from the world war. But suddenly Jack receives bad news that his Grandfather might move to an old people’s named Twilight Towers because of his forgetful memory. In charge of the home the evil sinister Matron Swine. Will he end up at Twilight Tower or will Jack save the day…………….

I like this book because it’s funny and it has a daring plot to it. David Walliams writes his books with a lot of humour and makes sure that the reader is not bored at any point of the book. I also like this book because there are lots of twists in the plot. And it’s so good that you can’t put the book down. David Walliams makes your mind intrigued and delivers a passion to writing Children’s Literature. He makes you imagine being in Jack’s shoes and what it’s really like for 12 year old Jack.

My favourite character is Raj the shopkeeper this is because he is funny and trying to sell unwanted things to Jack such as half eaten chocolates and things that have been “half” used.



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