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A Boy Called Christmas – Matt Haig. Illustrated by Chris Mould. Reviewed by Mia! (8)

This festive book has something for everyone. A piece of cheese for a mouse called Mika, a drimwick [ hope spell ] for a weary boy and a reindeer named Blitzen, not to mention an excellent book for you!

All about a boy called Nikolas whose father journeys to Elfhelm [ you’ve guessed it, where elves live ] leaving his son with the dreaded Aunt Carlotta, this book holds a message of hope for all. Determined to find his dad [ and Elfhelm ] Nikolas sets out for the North, travelling past Kriistinankaupunki [ it takes even longer to get there than it does to pronounce it ] on his way there. Meeting a reindeer, Blitzen on his way, Nikolas gets to Elfhelm just in time to save Christmas!

I recommend this book to readers of 7 and over.

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