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The Midnight Glass – D.T. Vaughn. Reviewed by Banana Girl (11)

One night, Wyatt is at the beach when he sees… his Head teacher? She is holding a strange glass with etchings on it, and she appears bedraggled, hiding in a cove – she leaves the glass behind, and Wyatt takes it – but what is it? Why did the Head teacher have it? And what do the etchings on it mean?

Wyatt had, it is fair to say, a rather normal life. He lived with his mum Mara, and his sister, Roxanne. However, Mara was offered a new job in the town of Davenport, and Wyatt’s life turned upside-down.

In Davenport, it is always night time, and the town is stuck in eternal darkness, and the people who live there have strange abilities or appearances. The children have been told the legend about two warlocks, one of them, who, full of hatred for the world, cursed the town to be in eternal darkness.

Wyatt soon makes friends at school, McGregor ( a Wulfyn or Werewolf ) and Tova ( a pixie who can conjure up electricity ).

Not long after he arrives in Davenport, there are mysterious attacks of stone dragons and monsters, that can only be conjured up by dark magic. Wyatt is determined to find out why that is – but it won’t be easy. With the help of ghosts, Blood-sucking mermaids and his friends, will Wyatt save the town? Or will everyone be doomed to darkness and dread forever?

I really enjoyed this book! After just a few pages, I was gripped, and couldn’t put it down! I enjoyed it so much I read it in less than a day! I love the interesting and unusual characters, and how the community has its own celebrations and traditions, and how the plot has an unexpected twist. I would definitely recommend this book to other people my age.



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