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I am Malala (teen edition) – Malala Yousafzai and Patricia McCormick. Reviewed by Future Author ABC (11)

This book is all about a girl who got shot by the Taliban as she was campaigning for people’s (particularly girls’) right to an education.

Some people may think that this book is not suitable for younger readers but in fact it is written sensitively with not too much attention to gruesome detail so it is not too scary. However, if you think that you may find it scary it is a good idea to get your parents to read it first.

Malala lives in Pakistan, in an area called Swat. She leads a peaceful life with her brothers Atal and Khushal and her mum and dad. They are Muslims, as are most of Swat. Her father leads a school near to where they live which Malala went to. Then the Pakistan Taliban took control of their region and made it difficult for people to do many things, including girls going to school. Malala continued to campaign for girls rights to go to school and later she got shot in the head, along with two other girls, on the school bus.

Miraculously, she survived, and carried on to lead a life in somewhere totally different whilst still standing up for what she believed in – rights to an education.

Malala set up a fund called the Malala Fund with which she travelled to many different places to restore education to those who need it.

I like the book because it is interesting to hear about such a young yet important person’s life and Malala writes about herself very well.

The characters are all very brave and I am amazed by how fearlessly they can stand up for what they believe in.

I think it should be for teen readers of 11+ and people who are interested in human rights and what is happening around the world.

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