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The Knife of Never Letting Go – Patrick Ness. Reviewed by Banana Girl (11)

Todd is just your average boy in a world full of men. He lives in The New World. (Yes, that’s what it’s called) Everyone left Planet Earth because life was getting too complicated. Yet things are not much better on New World, or at least not where Todd lives, in New Prentisstown – A horrible disease killed all the woman, and meant that all men were left with something called noise, which means that they can hear each other’s thoughts, as well as animals thoughts (Not that animals are particularly interesting to listen to – sheep just say ‘sheep’ – so you get the idea).

But when Todd turns 14, he will become a man ( an adult). The last one to turn into a ‘man’ in Prentisstown, because he is the youngest in the New World. Yet one day, whilst Todd is walking his dog Manchee, he comes across a place… with no noise. Confused, Todd goes home to his adoptive parents (Ben and Cillian) who tell him that he must leave. Todd has no idea why this is happening, but as he leaves, Mayor Prentiss and his son Davy, try to get in, killing Cillian in the process. Todd leaves, and finds the source of silence – a girl, named Viola, who has no noise.

Todd and Viola are on the run from the Mayor Prentiss, and his son, Davy. Todd doesn’t know what they want from him, only that when they get him, it won’t be pleasant. They are also being chased by the horrifying priest Aaron, who seems intent on killing him. But whilst running, they discover other humans, other settlements, who’s ways are very different to their own – and a horrible truth is revealed.

An amazing and interesting story about how suddenly life can change, as well as courage and friendship. I really liked it because it was full of action, and there was always something happening. Manchee was a great character  because he was funny, and very loyal to Todd. This is the first book in the Chaos Walking Trilogy.

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