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The Child’s Elephant – Rachel Campbell-Johnston. Reviewed by Future Author ABC (11)

This story is the author’s first book for children. If she were to write any more I would be keen to read them!

I like the book because it is mysterious, adventurous and really exciting! The characters are brave and they persevere in the face of all odds.

A boy called Bat lives in Africa, in a village called Jambula. He lives in a hut with his grandma and looks after cattle. One sad day Bat witnesses a dead elephant who has been killed by poachers for his tusks. Later on he finds the calf of the elephant, whom he calls Meya. He, also, towards the beginning of the story, befriends a girl calked Amuka, who before was thought to be grumpy and pointless to talk to. Bat proves otherwise, and they become inseparable. Together they look after Meya, who grows bigger and bigger every day. But a strange arrival who does not take kindly to the young elephant soon comes to the village, in the midst of rumours all about a mysterious group (I will say no more!) who are terrorising the land all around them…

There is lots more to the story but I shall leave you to find out the rest. All I will say is that it is fantastic and well worth reading.

My favourite character is Meya, the elephant, because she is funny and saves them when they need her most. She is also very sweet!

However, I would probably only recommend it for 11+ readers as there are some parts that younger children might not like. Anyone who falls into this age category and likes books about animals, adventure, hope and Africa should definitely read it!

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