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The Thirteen Treasures – Michelle Harrison. Reviewed by Beetroot Olive Lovely (9)

Tanya can see fairies but never tells anyone, until the night a girl called Red disturbs her from her sleep and finds she has a changeling (which is a fairy baby swapped with a human baby) because Red has the second sight too. Red saves the changelings because she has lost her brother into the fairy realm and earns humans back by doing this and hopes one day she will get her brother back. Tanya has a grandmother who she later realises has the second sight from a changeling in their family. A girl called Morweena, who is supposed to be her grandmothers age and was her best friend, also has the second sight and has been lost into the fairy realm and been cursed to be the same age forever until she is released. Morweena wants Tanya to swap places with her so she can grow up normally but Tanya doesn’t want to so Red saves Tanya by going into the fairy realm herself to meet with her brother again.

This story was absolutely AMAZING but it was quite tricky keeping track of the different characters so we had to draw a family tree!

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