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Dork Diaries: Drama Queen – Rachel Renee Russell. Reviewed by xox_watermelon_xox (10)

This book is a hilarious diary of a girl called Nikki Maxwell. Her crush, Brandon, was accused of doing the dare of kissing Nikki in order to get a free Queasy Cheesy pizza. She is being bullied by her incredibly wealthy and popular enemy Mackenzie Hollister who manages to get her hands on the diary. She writes diary entries which fill up half the book about what Mackenzie has been getting up to. Nikki is the manager of an advice column website which Mackenzie hacks onto and replies with horrid emails back to them. When Mackenzie finally moves schools Nikki notices something that Mackenzie has forgotten. Her diary!

This is a fantastic book because of all the surprises that are always round the corner. I would recommend this book to age 11+ because it is an easy read but some of the content isn’t as appropriate as the other books.

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