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Best Friends – Jacqueline Wilson, illustrated by Nick Sharratt. Reviewed by Ruby (8)

This book is about two best friends called Alice and Gemma who are very different. Alice is very girly but Gemma. isn’t! They’ve been best friends since they were born. Their friendship Is put to the test when Alice and her family move to Scotland. The girls share the same birthday. Every year on their birthday they cut their cake together and wish that they will be best friends forever. But when Gemma visited Alice to cut the cake, Alice’s new friend was there to cut the cake. Did this mean their friendship would not last forever? I liked this book because it taught me that even if you are far apart, you can still be friends.

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Best Friends

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  1. The Series of unfortunate events by Lemony Snicket are amazing, you have to read these books, all 12 of them! Violet, Klaus and Sunny are always near Count Olaf wherever they go and at the end of every book they go to a new guardian all because of Count Olaf! I’ve read up to book 6 and so many amazing things happen, you can’t read them all in one go though because you might find your eyes welling up with tears!

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